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High School Courses

Mathematics (Algebra I/II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry, and high school Calculus I/II), English (Composition/Writing, World Literature, Poetry,  Logic, and Rhetoric), Social Science (Ancient, World and American History, Government, Economics, and Classical Studies), Foreign Language (Latin I-IV, on-line Greek), Natural/Physical Science with Lab (Physical Science, Chemistry, Physics, and on-line Anatomy and Physiology), Fine Arts (Music and Performing Arts), and Religion (Christian Studies).   

An Adelphia Classical Christian Academy diploma demonstrates that its holder has taken responsibility for his or her own studies, has gained a depth of knowledge in a complete range of classical and modern subjects, is ready for college, and has taken key steps into a life as a responsible and influential Christian adult. The Academy is currently in the process of seeking course approval with the NCAA and will be following up with WASC.  The table below compares the Academy's diploma requirements (three tracks) to the University of California entrance requirements.  Currently, the level of the Academy's accreditation is not formally recognized by the U.C. system. It is recommended that Academy families check with entrance requirements for higher education institutions. The Academy courses are taught at the college preparatory level so that students are able to apply to colleges (if they choose) with strong academic entrance requirements. With approval from the Administration, equivalent course work from other institutions may be accepted for graduation credit and included as part of the Academy transcript.



Basic (240 units, 2.0 )

College Prep (250 units)

College Prep with Honors (270 units)

Diploma Requirements:

In order to earn a diploma from the Academy, a student must complete the following minimum requirements:

  1. Pass the equivalent of 22 courses (4-5 courses each year). Course, credit, and grading requirements are described in the Academy Handbook.

  2. Earn an overall grade point average of “C” or higher. No more than 20% of classes taken toward graduation may be graded on a pass/fail basis.

  3. Pass a minimum number of required classes in certain subject areas, as listed in the the Academy Handbook.

Refer to the table below and the Academy Handbook for further details​.

General Notes:

With approval from the Administration, equivalent course work from other institutions may be accepted for graduation credit.

The Academy reserves the right to accept or reject credits submitted from other public, private, or home schools.

7th or 8th grade students may (with Academy approval) enroll in select high school classes for credit.  These courses include: Henle Latin I or II, Algebra I or II, Geometry, Traditional Logic I/II, Material Logic, Biology and Physical Science.  Students fulfilling any diploma requirements while in 7th or 8th grade should seek advice and support from the Academy's Guidance Counselor.

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