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The only Classical Christian 3-Day Private School Satellite Program in Orange County, CA (TK-12)

We are a partner school with the Classical Latin School Association
and adhere to the principles of a classical Latin-centered Christian education
What is a Classical Christian Education?

A classical Christian education teaches students logic and reason, or how to think; which evolves into wisdom, or what to do; and results in virtue, or repeated good actions.


Wisdom and Virtue are cultivated by nourishing the soul in truth, beauty, and goodness according to God’s Revelation. Study of the classical liberal arts, through proven practices such as the Socratic method, is the basis of a Classical Christian Education which promotes our Western heritage. 

Our Western heritage is based on the languages and cultures of Classical Greece and Rome, the respective origins of philosophy (thought) and government. Study of the Hebrew people provides the spiritual foundation and these three cultures together comprise the core of a true Classical education.

Classical education trains the soul to love that which is worth loving; emphasizes thought over work, quality over quantity, and peace within the tranquility of order because God is well-ordered. In such an educational environment, students are encouraged to reach their highest potential and develop into well-formed young men and women. 

















  Education is a gift from God that He uses to glorify man so that man can, in return, freely choose to glorify God and the world. Each discipline within liberal arts is better understood in conversation with all the others. God is at the center of the conversation, the ultimate Truth, revealed through Divine Revelation as Jesus Christ.

Can a non Christ-centered Education be Classical?

Classical education is Christian; therefore, an education without Christ is not truly classical. Publicly funded schools do not permit inclusion of God or Christianity in their curriculum which necessarily means that the core of such curriculum cannot be wholly classical.


Education is a gift from God and is used by Him to sanctify and edify man, who in return may freely choose to glorify God in the world. Each liberal arts discipline is better understood in conversation with all the others. Our Creator God is necessarily central in this conversation.


In a non-Christian classical setting, God is not at the center - He is nonexistent. Without the Son of God, Jesus Christ, in a student's education, core life questions such as:

“What is truth?”

“Who am I?”

“Why am I here?”

“How shall I live?”

“Where am I going?”

cannot be answered truthfully.














Each discipline within liberal arts is better understood in conversation with all the others. However, in a non-Christian classical setting, God is removed from the center of the conversation (nonexistent). Instead of the ultimate Truth, revealed through Divine Revelation as Jesus Christ, the student receives: relative truth – no true truth​.

Latin in The News
12 Perfect NLE Scores

Congratulations to two of our Academy high school students,  Ryan Augustine and Amanda Beaver, for achieving perfect scores on the Spring 2020 National Latin Exam (NLE). The Academy participates annually in the NLE along with 22,000 students (approx.) from around the world. Over the past five years, Academy Latin students have achieved 12 perfect NLE scores and other recognition awards.  According to the NLE, less than 2% of the participants receive perfect scores (on average).  The Academy's NLE test scores have always been higher than the average score.

Top 10 Reasons for Studying Latin

In this day of computers, and the triumph of science and technology, when there is so much to learn and so little time, why study a dead language? Why not study something practical and useful? Like Spanish, for instance. While we agree the study of Spanish is a very good thing, what I propose to show you here is that there is no subject most useful, more practical, and more valuable than Latin.

Memoria Press.png
Why Latin is NOT optional
If you reread the debates that took place in the early twentieth century, when classical education was under attack by the progressives, it was the teaching of Latin and Greek, and whether these two languages were still important in the modern world, that was the central flash-point of the debate.

   What a blessing it has been and continues to be to have my children educated in the environment of Adelphia. ..What more can you ask of an institution than to provide a caring and safe environment where your children reach their full potential!


       God has truly blessed Adelphia! I just finished my 3rd year here. They are small but hard-working, God-fearing, talented educators. It is a wonderful combination of classroom type education and homeschooling....Three days a week is perfect.  The two days at home are busy, but there is still time for other pursuits...If you are in a traditional school setting, but want to try homeschooling without having to manage curriculum, or if you are a homeschooler and just need something else and you don't want to put your kids in traditional school, the school is your place!


     This school is a loving, biblical school with gifted, loving leaders, who listen to parents and use all of the amazing gifts and talents to serve and give 110% of themselves. They value each person's personal talents/contributions and my children are getting a thorugh classical Christian education. I highly recommend this school.



     I absolutely recommend Adelphia to any family that is looking for academic, God-honoring, small class size, excellent price. Wow! They are faithful servants.  We are very happy.





— Olynn Marshall

— Lori Augustine

— Connie Sygitowicz

— Margarita Cosenza

"Without education, we are in a horrible and deadly danger of taking educated people seriously.” ~ G.K. Chesterton

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