New Students

Adelphia Classical Christian Academy enrolls students throughout the year as long as class space is available. Please contact us at or 714-677-2594 for more information and adjusted tuition pricing.

Full-time vs. Enrichment

Adelphia offers full-time enrollment for grades K - 8, where we keep the all students records, CUM files as the students are listed on our private school affidavit.  We also offer full-time enrichment classes for grades K - 8With enrichment classes, we do not directly enroll charter school students to be included on our affidavit.  In this case, students will need to be enrolled in an umbrella school or the family needs to file their own private school affidavit. Enrichment students will still receive grades for all enrichment class taken either quarterly (1st - 6th) or per semester (7th  - 8th) and are required to attend and participate in all classes and complete all assignments and classwork on time as well as abide by all other school rules.

Applications: Please complete your application as soon as you have all the information needed. Incomplete applications will not be processed. 

Download applications HERE.

Acceptance Process:
Once a completed application is received and processed by the office and approved, you will be contacted by the Office Manager.

School Year: Our school year is from August through May or the 1st week of June.

Tuition & Registration: Please refer to the Prospective Students --> Tuition page.

Books: Textbooks and workbooks will need to be purchased by you for each student, as well as teacher manuals for yourself. Curriculum lists are sent starting in June before the school year starts.