Immunizations & Health Exams

Immunizations: There has been some confusion about whether homeschoolers in a group setting can still make their own choices about immunizations because the new law states that homeschool students who “receive classroom-based instruction” are not exempt. However, this law ONLY applies to children enrolled in a public school independent study program, as described in California Education Code Section 51745. So children who are enrolled in a home-based private school program can freely participate in co-op classes. Thus, parents whose children are enrolled in a Adelphia, as we are a PSP, may choose whether to have their children immunized or not, since the law requiring immunizations for school attendance does not apply to them. However, whether immunized or not, all school children, including those homeschooling with Adelphia, must comply with the reporting laws, which Adelphia files each year.

Since kindergarten is not mandatory in California, Adelphia as a PSP has opted not to formally enroll students until first grade, thus we do not have to file the kindergarten immunization assessment report. All schools which enroll 7th grade students must annually file the 7th Grade Immunization Assessment, which we comply with. Either the booster needs to be given for Tdap before October 15th of their 7th grade school year or, if not immunizing, we will mark that the dose is missing because "home-based private instruction".

Health Exams: Students are required to either have a health exam prior to entry to first grade/prior to entering any grade if a first time student in California, or to have a waiver form signed by their parents. Schools are no longer required to report information about the exams or waivers to the CDPH, but a report of exam or waiver is required to be kept in each student’s records. You can find the health exam form here. You can find the waiver to the health exam here. One or the other of these needs to be filled out and returned to the school office prior to the first day of school.