School Description and Mission

Adelphia Classical Christian Academy  is a true hybrid: balancing the best of a full time Christian school with the best of homeschooling. Students meet on campus 3 days a week for full time instruction. The other two days the learning takes place at home under the direction of the parents. The school establishes the curriculum, and provides the framework for the parent to be a success while at home.

We are Christ-centered

The core mission of Adelphia is to provide a Christian classical education that supports the development and enrichment of the mind and spirit, preparing students to make an impact for Christ in their communities and the world. We believe in encouraging and training parents how to be more effectively involved in their child’s learning.

We are a classical school

Our curriculum is thoroughly biblical, and utilizes the classical approach. The classical approach is in alignment with the natural developmental abilities of a child. Children quickly absorb facts during their younger years (Grades 1-4), learn to understand and analyze information during their middle school years (grades 5-8), and begin to develop their reasoning, synthesizing, and presentation skills during their high school years (grades 9-12). These three major developmental stages are also known as the grammar stage, the dialectic/logic stage, and the rhetoric stage, or otherwise known collectively as the Trivium. Utilizing the classical approach we help students to attain knowledge, train them how to think logically, and ultimately give them the rhetorical skills to be strong witnesses for Christ in the world.

We encourage creativity

We believe creativity is a precious gift given to each and every one of us from our Lord. We promote creativity in instruction by infusing class time with hands-on, collaborative activities that help students explore new knowledge in practical ways. We promote creativity by offering art, drama, music, and dance classes. We encourage creative expression by organizing musical and theatrical events where all our students have a chance to participate.

We build community

It is part of our mission to help equip families to better teach and reach their own children for Christ. A strong education is important, but we also want to support and encourage discipleship. For this reason Adelphia organizes regular “training and sharing” sessions for parents. These sessions help train and encourage parents for the work they are going to complete at home with their own children. It also provides a platform for families to share ideas and methods that have worked for them.