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Academics Overview

Through God's Grace, Adelphia Classical Christian Academy provides students with a Christ-centered, 
Classical education firmly rooted in Biblical Truth from Kindergarten through 12th grade.


Adelphia strives to provide a classical Christian education that supports the development and enrichment of the mind and spirit, preparing students to make an impact for Christ in their communities and the world. 

Classical Christian school

The curriculum is thoroughly biblical and utilizes a classical approach. The classical approach is in alignment with the natural developmental abilities of a child. Children quickly absorb facts during their younger years (Grades K-6), learn to understand and analyze information during their middle school years (grades 7-8), and begin to develop their reasoning, synthesizing, and presentation skills during their high school years (grades 9-12). These three major developmental stages are also known as the grammar stage, the dialectic/logic stage, and the rhetoric stage, or collectively known as the Trivium. Utilizing a classical approach, Adelphia helps students to attain knowledge, think logically, and gain rhetorical skills to be strong witnesses for Christ in the world.

K - 2nd (Pre-Grammar)

3rd - 4th (Grammar)

5th - 8th (Middle School)

9th - 12th (High School)

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