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Program Calendar

The Academy's Four-Year Cycle:


 Year A: Fall 2020 The Year of the Greeks

 Year B: Fall 2021 The Year of the Romans 

 Year C: Fall 2022 The Year of the Hebrews

 Year D: Fall 2023 The Year of the Christians

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Adelphia Classical Christian Academy chooses the curriculum and provides on-campus teacher-led instruction on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  Wednesday and Friday are at-home school days reinforcing lessons taught on-campus. This schedule removes the inefficiencies of a typical five-day school while still providing teacher-led core instruction, which provides flexibility for families to better manage their outside activities. For at-home days, families are provided with homework sheets to help support their child's learning success. Parents are not required to teach lessons at home; they are required to help in grading homework and/or ensuring that their student completes assigned work. Less parent grading is required as the student matriculates. 

Each semester includes one full at-home school week (a total of two weeks per program year). All grades will be assigned review homework and/or reading during the at-home weeks. Select high school classes will use Zoom on Tuesday and Thursday to continue teacher-led instruction during the at-home week. The at-home weeks provide families will further flexibility to enjoy family time together and also enables high school students to continue necessary instruction.


The Academy includes three breaks to support family time: Thanksgiving (1 week), Christmas (3 weeks), and Easter (10 days). No homework is assigned during these breaks. However, students that are behind in their studies are encouraged to use breaks to catch up on their assigned work.

Welcome to the Year of the Hebrews

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