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Ethos - Ordered Love

Adelphia strives to
cultivate a rightly ordered love of  Truth, Beauty, and Goodness
in our students.


Ethos - Ordo Amori (Ordered Love)


   The name ‘Adelphia’ literally means ‘brothers and sisters’ and is of Greek origin.  This name signifies the importance of our community (brotherhood) and our union in Christ.  Through ancient Greek philosophers we learn that an ordered love, ‘ordo amori’ (Latin), directs us to love what we ought to love – Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.  These ancient philosophers also teach us that even though Truth, Beauty, and Goodness are knowable, they are never fully knowable in our lifetime because they are divine and, therefore, infinite.  The ancient Greeks did not know our Triune God, the author of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness; yet, they rationalized that divinity existed.  Their philosophy is a precursor to the Revelation of God and may be used by Christians to enhance their lifelong journey learning to know Him.  

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