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New Students

Adelphia Classical Christian Academy offers an affordable 3-day teacher-led program. 

Adelphia Classical Christian Academy is an excellent choice for students who enjoy learning and for families who enjoy a more flexible learning structure within a Christian environment. To discover more about the Academy, we invite you to schedule a personal tour to observe classrooms, view curriculum, and ask questions. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the Academy.


Adelphia offers direct enrollment for grades K - 12.  Students are listed under the Academy's private school affidavit. The Academy maintains the student records (CUM files) for full-time students.  


Adelphia also offers enrichment classes for grades K - 12.  Enrichment enrolled students are not listed under the Academy's private school affidavit. The Academy does not directly enroll charter school students.  In this case, students will need to be enrolled in an umbrella school or the family will need to file their own private school affidavit. Enrichment enrolled students will receive grades for enrichment classes taken either quarterly (1st - 8th) or per semester (9th - 12th).  Students are required to attend and participate in all enrolled classes and complete all assignments on time, as well as abide by the Academy Handbook policies.

Once you have decided to apply to Adelphia Classical Christian Academy, please request and submit a completed New Student Registration Packet.  


Upon receipt of your completed and mailed application, the Academy will contact you to schedule an assessment for your student.  The assessment will help with your student's transition into the Academy and provide an opportunity to meet the teacher.

The Academy's new family liaison is Mrs. Tiffany Bettenhausen (Admissions Director). Mrs. Bettenhausen has a wonderful heart for the Academy and will be delighted to answer any questions. Please select the contact us form link below to submit your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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