Parent Participation

Each family is required to volunteer a minimum of 8 hours per month to support the Academy. The Academy community relies on each family’s monthly volunteer participation to help maintain reasonable tuition rates. 


The Academy offers multiple ways to fulfill the required minimum participation and depends upon families to participate to help build community with the Academy.  However, if a parent/guardian is unable to fulfill the required minimum 8 hours per month volunteer participation hours, an opt-out option is available ($900 opt-out fee) and a partial opt-out option is available ($500 and 4 hour hours per month).  


Volunteering family members are required by California State Law to be fingerprinted.  Before volunteering on campus, all volunteers must be fingerprinted (fingerprinting paid for by family members).


Listed below are examples of the various ways to help the Academy community.  If there is a skill or talent not listed that you think would be beneficial to the school, please inquire with the administration. The Academy is happy to help place you where needed.  The Academy looks forward to watching how God utilizes families to enhance and support the community of families each year. 

Parent Participation Photo.png

  • Classroom assistance –Under the teacher’s authority and guidance, volunteers serve as classroom aids by assisting in various classroom and educational tasks.


  • Setup & Clean up – The Academy shares classrooms with the church.  Volunteers are needed to setup classrooms (i.e., tables and chairs) on Monday and Thursday mornings 30 minutes before school begins. Volunteers are also needed to return the classrooms to their original setup on Tuesday and Thursday directly after school at 3:00 p.m.  Additionally, volunteers empty trash cans, wipe down white boards and tables, and survey restrooms.  


  • Lunch or Recess Monitor(s) – The Academy requires three lunch and three recess monitors each day.  Monitors must be committed to a specific day of the week.  Lunch and Recess monitors must attend a brief safety training meeting.



  • Morning Express Drop-off Monitor – The Academy requires one drop-off monitor each school day.  Monitors must arrive by 8:00 a.m. Monitor places caution sign out, assists parents with car drop-off and guides arriving students into lobby. 


  • Fundraising & Events – Fundraising helps the Academy maintain affordable tuition rates. Volunteers are needed to help create, operate and support fundraising activities.  Additionally, volunteers are needed to support various Academy events throughout the program year.  



  • Field Trip Coordinator – The Academy strives to build community through field trips.  With guidance from the Academy staff, volunteers are needed to staff, plan and execute field trips for the program year.



  • Computer Skills – Volunteers with computer skills may be used to help teachers and/or the administrative staff.



  • Yearbook Team – The Academy produces an annual yearbook.  Volunteers are needed to help with taking pictures and editing/producing the yearbook (with the help of the Academy’s staff).